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A Phillies fan complaining about the Yankees’ payroll is like Kim Kardashian complaining about JLO having a big ass.

Came home for lunch. Never seen Wendy Williams before. How long has she been a woman?

My wife got us great seats to Yanks-O’s as my anniversary gift. Never had seats like this before.

I just had to use !important in a style sheet. I feel dirty.

So much for watching Mad Men. Wife and her sister came back, and SIL won’t STFU so I can hear the show.

How, in 2009, do companies still provide a Flash site without any HTML or mobile version? Laziness and cheapness I suppose.

Chillax. #wordsihatesomuch

"That’s what hapens when earth fucks with space—never forget that." - Jimi Hendrix

Donald Duck, You Son of a Bitch! (Comic) 

Our new puppy, Montecristo. Cute little guy. Tired from the long drive.

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